What is the reality of life – have you thought of it?

What is the reality of life – have you thought of it?

The reality of life

Have you ever come to wonder about – what is the reality of life? or have you come across instances where you are led to believe there is a hidden reality in life? Do you have a strange experience maybe, that made you realize we do not see the reality of life? Well, I am sure some of you have this kind of experience. So, here I am sharing my two cents here, on what is the reality of life. It is noteworthy to say that some of the things I share here are my personal experience, and some are experiences of my friends and colleagues in Lifepurview, as well as in other circles. However, all are genuine and true incidents. So, let’s try to figure out, what is the reality of life

To the reality from virtuality

Life for us is a journey run in haste always. Whether this is the reality or an illusion, we do not know.  In fact, if we stop to think, we might miss out on life. Hence, to enjoy life without missing out on anything, we run for it. From the day we remember, we chase after goals in life. When I say it is a journey in haste, I do not mean we do not rest. Indeed, we take rests – we go on trips, relaxation activities, meditation, recreative stuff, and so on. Still, we do all these things in haste. One time, we are busy with work. Other times we are busy resting. Thinking back, our work and rest both were the same. Maybe we never took an absolute rest. But all these things happen according to the way we perceive. So, is this the reality in life?

Complication to simplicity

Sometimes we wonder about the complicated life. We would like to live a simple life. But with the complex society and world, we are not able to do it simply. That is how it seems. But, just for a moment, imagine…what if the world we know is not reality? Think about how you understand the outside world? It is through your sensory organs – eyes, ears, nose, tongue and body, and mind. You believe in the world you see, hear, smell, feel and touch. But, what if the reality of the world is different from what your sensory organs tell you? The only way you can check your sensors is to through them only. Can you trust it?

What is the true reality of life?

To be clear, the things you see, are the reflection of things your eye creates, with light. The idea we get about our surrounding world depends on what we see. So, we understand the world, by what we see. We respond to the world according to the way we understand the world. Hence, the eye is our window to the world. But, have you seen your eye? You will definitely say “Yes”, with confidence.

How did you see your eye? In the mirror? Then what about the eye you see that reflection? Which one is the real eye? The one you see on the reflection, or the one from which you see the reflection? Now you will say, the one with which we see, is the real eye. So, have you ever seen it? The answer is “No”. No one has seen the eye, with which we see and understand the world.

Interestingly, we believe in the things we see, with something we have never even seen. But, do you usually believe in any news easily like this? You check the source and validity and everything before believing, is it not? It is contradictory, yet interesting the way we behave.

The story of the candle

Let me tell you something different now. Think about a candle. You can see a bright flame when the candle is burning. Is it the same flame you see all the time? It is not. The burning wax vapor of the candle creates the flame. When the wax is completely burned out, the reason to create the flame disappears. Hence the flame vanishes without a trace. When the candle completely burns out, the same happens.

However, this is exactly what happens in each moment as well. In every moment, a new bit of wax vaporizes and burns, creating a new flame. When that bit of wax is completely burnt out, the flame disappears. But, since there is more wax remaining in the candle, the heat of the flame melts and vaporizes it. Another new bit of wax vapor is present then. Likewise, you see a continuous flame till wax remains.

The candle in the reality of life

Even though you see a new flame each moment, you do not realize it, until the flame finally dies out. Because the melting and vaporizing happen cyclically until the candle burns out completely. The reason we see a continuous flame is the availability of wax, in the candle. When the wax is no more, the flame disappeared without a trace. Then only you realize the candle changed. But in reality, it always changed.

Just try to imagine…what if our sensory organs and what we see through them is also like the candle? What if the things we see, are also created and destroyed each moment just like the flame? But since it happens cyclically, as long as there is a reason for it to happen, we do not realize changes. You always see a stable world, just like the lit candle. In reality, the world continuously changes. However, when certain things about the world suddenly change, you recognize the change. Just like you realize the flame is gone when the candle burnt out. A good example of such a change in real life is death. You recognize death as a change to life. But life was always on and off. Death happens when the energy of this on and off exhausts.

Change to see the change

Now, let me ask you a question. Do you feel happy or sad, when a candle flame disappears when the candle is burned out? Probably no, because you know that it to be like that. Well, but you feel happy or sad when other things in the world change. The same theory applies to any change that happens in the world. Try to see this deep philosophy. It will help you to get rid of your sorrows quickly, and permanently. It will help you to handle your happiness more wisely. After all, life is more about how we take it

Maybe this is the ultimate reality of life. how you accept it, in your life, is up to you. I can tell you one thing for sure. The extent you can accept this reality is the extent of peace and contentment you feel in life. The choice of changing to see the change is up to you.

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