Unconditional loving kindness

Unconditional loving kindness

We show loving-kindness to everyone – humans and animals. It may be just out of courtesy or by obligation or emotions. Have you ever wondered to check whether this love and kindness we “show” is really rooting from our mind? At the origination of thoughts? In other words, have you ever wondered whether the loving-kindness is absolute? Would not change by the knowledge you gather on the subject of your loving-kindness?

Let us look at some examples. You have a very close friend whom you love and care a lot. When you think about this friendship, there is no reason it would change as far as you can see. He has been with you all the way through thick and thin. You know each other too well to change how you feel about each other. This is exactly how you feel.

However, as things are such, you suddenly find out something unbelievable. Your friend had shot one of your family members in a riot or some conflict that happened some time ago. Now imagine the state of your mind and consider your feelings about the friend. Can you still feel the friendship unshaken, or will you find yourself in a devastating situation? Suppose this friend shot a loved one and he/she lost life due to that incident. 

It is natural if you stop all your connections with your friend after you got to know the above information. But, just imagine, what if you never knew this all your life? Then you would live all your life being faithful friends with him/her. Your knowledge of the fact that he killed your loved one, or not, does not change past. The only thing it changed was your thoughts. 

If it is the absolute loving kindness that governs you, the knowledge of shooting should not alter your standing. Instead, try to feel more pitiful towards your friend. He simply deserves it. He had lost his mind to shoot another fellow human being. The love you had for your relative is there inside your mind. The love you bear for your friend who shot him is also residing in your mind. On the other hand, the hatred you bear for the shooter, is also residing nowhere but your mind. Your love, hatred, anger, frustration, and miserableness all would only make your mind unstable. Your thoughts can do nothing to change the events that took place in the past. They are just water under the bridge.

So, it is again your mind playing strange games on you. Only the loving-kindness extended to all directions unconditionally and continuously, unshaken, can release the weight in your mind. This and only this would assure eternal peace of mind and sustainable stability of mind. 

In the Buddhist historical records, there is ample evidence of followers gained favorable situations by practicing loving-kindness. It is proven that spreading loving kindness unconditionally always changes hostility into pleasantness.

In fact, loving-kindness is magic on your mind. It cleans your blood. One who bears it in heart, long term has a visible radiance about him. It makes you pleasant and agreeable to others. Also, it protects you from harmful substances. It is an excellent natural regulatory mechanism of optimal metabolism. The result is unbelievable flexibility and tolerance level of your body functions.

Modern scientific research show that tranquility brought up by loving-kindness reduces stress hormone levels in the blood. Thus, creates a healthy and stable internal environment in your body. This also makes your life easy. 

The magic in maintaining loving-kindness as per the Buddhist way is that it will assure natural regulation of your body conditions in optimal functionality with unbelievable flexibility and tolerance levels.

So, try it and see the difference, once and for all. Show kindness and see kindness.


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