The precious treasure

The precious treasure

We all have things we value most in our life. Some of these are tangible objects while some others are intangible values. We talk a lot in LifePurview about these intangible values. So, for a change, this post is about the tangible objects of value. This is the precious treasure we talk about today, in Lifepurview.

If I ask you, “What is your most valuable material possession? “I am sure you need to think for a while before answering. If I rephrase the question like this: “What was your most valuable material possession ten years ago?”. Then you may be able to give a straight forward answer. At the same time, you may realize that your most precious object has changed with time. Also, the time you take to answer that question has changed with time. 

Ten years ago, your most precious object might be a remote-controlled toy, or your pet, or your car, your collection of shoes or china. Now when you come to think of it, there is a big chance that your answer is: my phone, or my laptop or my tab. The reason is because all your important, critical information reside on the device you name. Most probably, you are unable to live without it. Therefore, the most awful possession to lose, will be the device. 

However, these precious treasures we possess vary unbelievably, with time and other factors. Once a famous cricketer said, in his childhood his house caught fire. When his parents were busy gathering the kids out of the fire, he ran in to the flames and rescued his cricket bat, from the burning house. That was his precious treasure. The same guy became a politician after many years. When his office was in floods, he grabbed a bundle of documents just before vacating the office in rising floods. Time plays an amazing role in changing the values in us. 

My mother used to take care of so many precious things from her youth. She had her collections flooded in cupboards and shelves. But after my fathers’ demise, her most precious treasure was the things my father used while he was alive. All the previous attachments were dropped suddenly. And a new one came up to fill in the gap. 

So, the thing about this material treasures are, that they change from time to time. But never exhaust. One goes obsolete and another succeeds. Sometimes the memory of the past treasures makes us ashamed and laugh in the present. Yet, we hold on to the present treasures. It does not make us laugh now. Even though we laugh at our past stupidity, the same stupidity in the present does not make us laugh. Subsequently, we will laugh at the present stupidity when it is the past. 

Alternatively, the end of these precious treasures can be sorrowful as well. My father was a very healthy strong man in his youth. He had a well-maintained body as well. He was proud of his body. But in his middle ages, he suffered from heart disease and lung cancer. This was due to his heavy smoking.  His strength deteriorated rapidly. His finely shaped body dissolved into a pile of bones covered by worn-out skin in the end. He was devastated to see the change. He did not expect to see his preciously treasured shape in this pathetic condition. Sometimes, he was more worried about his weakened body, than about his cancer. Till his death, he was regretting about himself in mixed emotions. 

So, it may be pleasurable to hold on to any material treasures. But we need to realize that they change with time.  When they change, it will either bring us sorrow, or regret. The pleasure it gives us is much short-lived and temporary. The treasures and owners both changes. But the unchanged attachment in our mind tortures us to suffer. So ends the story of the precious treasures.

The wicked illusionist of attachment creates this illusive “treasure bubble” for us. Enveloped in our own illusion, we float in it. We have the story of the illusionist in our post The Illusionist. In case you like to read further. May you be informed and conquer the vicious illusion.


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