The Illusionist

The Illusionist

There be an illusionist who created vivid glass bubbles of lucrative luxuries and fantasies for the world of the audience to get in and float as long as they wish. When one bubble is burst or when they wanted more, the floater could combine another or move to another as he wished.

The audience fascinated themselves to see this outstanding magic, as well as to try it for themselves. The craving for trying was diverse and remarkable. Some came running while others jumped in. Many got excited while few others cried in joy. Some were furious to try unable to resist to wait for their turn while some thought patience would reward better floating than others. The feelings of the audience were unbelievable and overwhelming. They ran out of control in unimaginable lengths and magnitudes. The only person that enjoyed it was the illusionist, who knew his will is observed with faith. No one else enjoyed it. The illusionist, obsessed the audience into more floating. But others were awe-stricken and dumbfounded. It was impossible to find a single empathetic heart, from the audience.

An enlightened voice appeared from the audience and explained the magic and illusion from time to time. Pleading and requesting the audience to regain their sanity. Some from the audience listened from time to time. A very few quit the floating and joined down the audience. Less than a hand full of the audience left the place even. But the majority was still floating like insane. The illusionist was overly and affectionately with the floaters. He encouraged them by blowing up the bubbles into further heights, with more speed and more glassiness. He joined in echoing laughter with the floaters. 

The magic went on for a long time, the audience floating from bubble to bubble, while some who couldn’t shift into the next bubble on time perished and very few others still remained in the audiences watching the magic in awe-filled hearts. 

The show continued long enough for the floaters to think they own the bubbles…and they do the magic…. forgetting the illusionist. They float and float and float…. cherishing the impermanent bubble as a permanent paradise. 

Those who floated felt the warmth of ownership in the cozy glass bubble….and got more bonded

They who watched from the audience grew more and more awe-stricken by the breathtakingly floating illusions created by the illusionist. 

The illusionist watched from the distance; his existence assured for a long long time.

The Enlightened One from the audience, explained…

See-through the illusion….as long as you believe in the existence of the illusionist, the magic will go on…and you will live the illusion taking it as a luxury until you run out of reason for floating, where you perish. 

The choice of escaping from this dangerous floating is within you and only you who float can make that choice. It will be visible for those who accept the illusion as an illusion. Those who choose to float will possess the illusion and imagine they run the show….and finally, they create the magic…. forgetting the evil illusionist.

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