The greatest deception

The greatest deception

The dreamy lush youth, in the greatest deception

This is a true story. It is the story of a boy who sought freedom. His story is a great lesson about where not to seeks and what not to do in search. However, he reached a successful end in his quest. So, on the other hand, this will suggest a better destination for freedom seekers. A starting point for those who also realize the greatest deception in life.

The story starts in his teenage. He thought he did not receive the love he sought. His parents and siblings loved and cared for him. Being the youngest in the family, he was the pet for everyone. Similarly, he was a prominent member of his friends’ networks too. But despite all these, he felt inside that he is not loved the way he deserves. As a teenager, he lost in this dilemma and isolated from his family. Probably the initiation of the greatest deception for him.

Paths crossing?

Just as he was starting his university, he met a girl. She was initially a very close friend. Predictably, the friendship became love, very soon. They were a lovely couple in the eyes of friends. But, in a very short while, his parents came against his love. The issue was purely tyrannical. However, he did not want his girlfriend to undergo any more heart pain. So, he stopped the relationship. His tender heart suffered a severe blow. He cried silently countless times. But managed to move on. He found a new quest for his broken soul. A new job in the city. Gradually, challenges in the new life made him recover. 

During this time, he became independent. He earned and started living alone. Also, he reached the age of marriage as per tradition. His parents started reminding him that he should marry now. Marriage forbidden a couple of years ago is on the table now. As the pressure grew intense, he tried to find a partner. He grew interested in another girl. Unfortunately, his attempts to reach her failed at a very early stage. Our sensitive hero changed some aspects of his life again. Once more, he called in his seek for freedom. He sensed something about the greatest deception, like a spark. But it did not remain.

To the right path

In his free time, he read and listened to the spiritual teachings of Lord Buddha, the enlightened one. Even without his knowledge, he was becoming a strong being inside, with his knowledge maturing with the Buddhist teachings. He followed the great philosophy of letting go with utmost faith. He came to believe, only letting go of all things opens the path to freedom. LifePurview has more in these on “Finding Eternal Peace” and “Faith and Hope”.

Then he encountered some unexpected family losses and difficult times in his life. This made him move actively in his seek for freedom. By this time, he was reaching his mature youth. His profession was in good shape as well. Once again, he met a girl, who he thought the love of his life, from day one. She became an intimate friend in a very short time. His hopes about her were over the moon. Happiness returned to his life again. He thought he had found the love he has been searching for from childhood. 

The network of deception

Until one day, he felt she deceived him. He tried to confirm his doubt. But she was offended, and their smooth relationship shattered. A painful silence of a few months passed. He realized he made a mistake and tried to correct it. She responded too, positively. The flower started to bloom for the second time. When things are regaining the beauty again, he decided to ask her out. And he did. To his utter joy, she was positive. But her “yes” was subjected to her parents’ consent. The candid gentle boy he was, did not anticipate any darkness in her response. He was tangled in the greatest deception. However, his happiness lasted only a few days. Soon he realized she is neither asking her parents nor giving an answer. 

He waited a week and withdrew himself. Then led a low-profile life for a while. However, he suffered severely in his heart but managed a fair outlook to outside. Now his parents started exerting much pressure on him about the marriage. In the middle of all this, he saw the wedding photos of his first love, on social media. He suffered another silent blow.

 Forward in the right path

In his heart, he had lost all hopes about marriage and expectations of parents. But a strong understanding was blossoming in his heart about his life and the nature of the world. He felt the strength within him but did not recognize it correctly. 

However, now he did not feel that he does not receive love. Instead, he felt all this life we chase after is a huge miracle. He had the insight budding in his mind. It was not prominent. Yet, it was ablaze in him, in silence. 

While things were as such, he made a statement in a friend’s forum about the marriage. It was partly meant to be a joke. But it was the absolute truth about him, which none of his friends knew. The girl whom he loved, was among the friends. His comment did not concern her or their relationship. But she took it on her and responded. She got deceived by his statement and responded. He knew she deceived him with her answer. A thread of deception was in action.  A sudden insight sparked in him. He saw through the thread of deception, a truth he failed to see so long.

The golden ray of wisdom about the greatest deception.

A strong understanding of life dawned over him. He realized the greatest deception he was in. It was his quest to seek love. From his childhood, he was entangled in a huge net of deception. It was finely weaved by his own mind. Surrounded by it completely, he did not see anything beyond it. His thoughts of not receiving any love had manipulated him. He thought it was the girl who deceived him. But this great deception play created by his own mind was overwhelming.  

The strength he felt budding in was full in action now. He felt his faith very powerful. A different person was born in him, who is not shaken by the worldly conditions. He knew he would feel all feelings as before. But his response to his feelings will change. It will simply be letting go of all feelings. The utter futility of the superficial feelings enlightened him. At that moment, he saw freedom. 

Freedom from the greatest deception

It was reachable through one way, by adapting this simple philosophy.

“Let go of everything. Then everything will come back to you. When you have everything, you need none of them. Because you are free.

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