Ten steps in your shoes

Ten steps in your shoes

“Judge me after you walk a mile in my shoes”

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An interesting quote circulated virally in social media. It envelopes a strong, important message to the world. We have experience in judging people in different contexts. Regardless of the context, it is humiliating. Thus, we forget the bitterness of judgments quickly. Intentionally or absent-minded, we do the same in our turn. Where is your empathy? And before that, what is empathy? Let me explain.

We judge others mostly because we lack an important quality. Sometimes we have it. But fail to find it when the judgments on stage. The quality we need is “Empathy”. It is the ability to walk in another person’s shoes. More clearly, it is the ability to think on another person’s mind. But not creeping into other minds like in the movie “Inception”. No trespassing or cheating happens in here. Empathy is to assume yourself in others’ situations before you judge.

Like many concepts, LifePurview presents, empathy is also a life skill. It has two-fold benefits. Buddhist teachings explain empathy. “Just as how one rejoices his own gains, he ought to rejoice others’ gains as well”. Now, this sounds like jealousy. Jealousy is our dislike of another person having things we do not. Empathy, however, helps to remove such impurities in our minds. Hence, it maintains a peaceful internal environment.

We can improve our ability to walk others’ shoes in a number of ways. As per Buddhist teaching, one method is practicing empathy through meditation. You start rejoicing the gains you have. Then extend the empathy to all living beings. Continue it to your loved ones first. Subsequently, extend to all corners of the universe. The immediate gains are long life, fair complexion, beauty comforts in life and power. Keep rejoicing what you gained and what others gained. It assures long-lasting empathy.

 The peace you feel with empathy makes your life simple and happy. On the other hand, it brings about cutting-edge advantages in your career. Empathy is difficult to retain. The modern management theories explain it conceptually. But does not elaborate on how to develop it long lastingly. On the contrary, Buddhist philosophy explains the concept, with procedures to develop it.

 Empathy is a magical quality that can make you loved by friends for understanding them. A trusted support for your boss for the genuine assistance you render. A hearty boss for your fellow workers, with perfect understanding and guidance.

 Here go the benefits in a nutshell. When you have walked enough in other shoes, you realize that all beings including you, are impermanent. All are merely instances of a stream of events. Nothing of the outside world can shake your solitude. You achieve the isolation effect. This alone will bring about eternal peace in you.

So, try ten steps in your friend’s shoes to start……!!!


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