Patience and Prudence

Patience and Prudence

Patience and Prudence – sounds like two sisters. Honestly, speaking we can harness them both if we use them successfully. Both of them working together can make your life a beautiful place to live in. they will make the most affectionate two sisters in your life as well. The secret formula is to guide them carefully.

We usually have some amount of patience by default. And we know by intuition that hot and short temper leads to disaster. Thus, patience will help resolve situations, otherwise seems impossible to resolve. But the issue comes up when we think there is a limit to patience. In fact, patience is also a state of mind. Like all other states of mind, such as excitement, surprise, agitation, etc., it does not have a limit. Just like we cope with other states, we need to maintain patience in an optimal level. Especially when we need to use it. 

On the edge of patience

As you may have guessed, patience is also a skill. You can sharpen it as much as you like. Alternatively, you can use it carelessly and blunt it as well. When we master the art of sharpening patience, it is prudence. On the other hand, you can fool yourself by ignoring and it will go blunt. Subsequently, we can call either of the sisters as and when the need comes for them when sharpened.

So, as mentioned before there is no limit to patience where we can stop being patient. Once you decide to be patient on a particular matter, there is no turning back. In the middle of the situation, you may feel agitation creeping in. This is where you can call Prudence. She will help you realize that you made the best choice. Now, when you made the best choice, you cannot shift back to other options. The best choice is not necessarily the easiest way out of the matter. Resolution can come faster, or it may take some time. But when you take the best resort, under patience, the result is guaranteed favorable. However, the path to the end may not be an express highway. 

Calling patience

Patience can bring you the silent reward of contentment when it is mature in you. Patience can help you to stay quiet in situations where one word uttered will cause damage. I have experience when I was thankful to myself for being patient and silent in conflicts. I am pretty sure you too can recall many such Instances in your life. Only patience can bring the contentment you feel when recollecting those later on. Patience amazingly remedies situations where anger would have made a complete mess. 

Patience and Prudence

However, patience just does not come on its own all the time we need it. We need to train our minds to invoke it in agitated situations. First, you will have to search for it and find it. You ought to suppress your agitation and anger till patience takes over control. It requires contemplation and focus of your mind. Definitely this is a great exercise to both your mind and soul. But interestingly, our mind is similar to the Google search. What you search most, comes on the top for the next time! So lucky for you, you do not need to scratch your mind every time. Little effort on training can bring splendid results. Especially when you realize unbelievable benefits patience gives you, I am sure you will never lose it.  

Towards a beautiful life with patience and prudence…!

A well-trained mind makes sure both patience and prudence act in harmony. When patience is on stage, you know prudence manages the backstage and vice versa. There is something curious about these two sisters. When you call patience, sometimes what is visible to the outside is prudence. I have noteworthy experience in this. I shared it with you on the blog in “A true experience”. 

It gives immense pleasure and contentment when you get to know these two sisters well. I suggest to send the “Friend Request” to patience, first and let prudence send you her request. Because as they say, patience is more close to heart and prudence to the brain. To start a friendship, the heart makes sense than the brain. 

So, it is time you make another friend, who will change your life bringing up the beauty you never have seen!


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