Love and Life – compliments or opposites?

Love and Life – compliments or opposites?

What are Love and life? Two things we talk about in the same emotional note. Those words themselves awake extra emotions in our hearts. Also, love and life are so closely connected with our existence in such a way we do not know which is which sometimes. They seem to have intimate co-existence. So as an answer to “What are love and life?“ one can say, Love, dies – life is useless. Life expires, no love exists.  

So moving further on what is love and life, it is the driving force that moves the world forward. Life creates the world and loves to keep it moving. Thus they are perfect partners in maintaining the world. In a poetic note, we can say, life creates beauty in the world. Love keeps it fragrant and bloomed. And together they support a beautiful world. In harmony, they surround the world and its tenants sincerely and compassionately, within all living beings.

Life without love… what would it be like? Well, it is impossible to find out. Life is the gift of loving-kindness. You are born as the fruit of great love. Therefore, there is no life in the absence of it. On the other hand, love without life…what would it look like? It can be dangerous. If love has no consideration in living, then it is not love in the first place. From another view, love creates life, hence we cannot think of it, without life. It is a nightmare to talk about love to lifelessness. They complement each other quite avidly. 

As I said before, a new life is the baby of great compassion and care. It is a love for the self, for the world and for the universe entirely that gives birth to live. The love a mother bears for the child is something that lights up any darkness. Alternatively, the first feeling the child feels is also love. We have talked about this on LifePurview in our previous post. (Is unconditional love real). So these are simply magical truths. A love between mother and child may fluctuate occasionally, depending on situations. But can never exhaust. That is the first love to appear. And the last to disappear at death.

According to the eastern philosophies, in Hindu and Buddhist teachings, in particular, love goes to rebirth. It means the love we bear in one life does not end there in certain scenarios. It decides our next birth. Lord Buddha had practiced great love to his family and friends, He met all of them in many births through the cycle of rebirth. This is before he conquered the vicious cycle of rebirth. So here we have evidence that love creates life and life persists love. 

Love and Life – compliments or opposites?

I can give a thousand and one more examples of this strong but gentle bond between these two. However, one thing more is worthwhile telling here. Once born, we have a great responsibility. That is to take fine care of the life given to us by love. To take care of that love, and pass it onto the next offspring carefully. 

We are born into a beautiful world. Beauty grows only if everything remains in harmony. It is our obligation to secure the world and its‘ beauty. All you have to do is to live in love. Those two will take care of the rest. 

Thus, there is another important fact to remember. Love and life are superficially treated and conditioned in our minds. Living in compassion and loving life is perfectly fine to lead a successful life. However, we need to take precautions from running adrift with the emotions. We present insight for you in Lifepurview posts Goodness to go and Is unconditional love real, to handle the trickiness. 

Life is always a journey balancing the dangers and risks. when you know this truth, living in compassion will take care of you sincerely.


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