Living the pandemic -through thick and thin

Living the pandemic -through thick and thin

The year 2020 dawned, with dreams in huge ways by individuals as well as organizations. But, before any of those, came up the challenge, living the pandemic. So much for the bunch of dreams. However, 2020 showed us all something important. That is – life is not what we dream or expect it to be. It took the form of living the pandemic, in human terms. We only celebrated the new year eve in grand style. From the first week of January, the world was taking a strange route. As of today, nobody knows what tomorrow will bring. It is only living the pandemic

In fact, we never knew what tomorrow brings. But we had heaps of dreams and expectations readily packed up. Through the series of events happening recently, nature showed us dreaming is pointless. Nature had to make it harsh as a pandemic. Because we were not ready to change the easy way. Nature knew we needed some serious cause, to change. Hence – living the pandemic.

Pandemic – when it ends?

I am not sure whether there is any country in the world right now, who is out of fear and anxiety. The single thought that keeps on coming up is “When will this pandemic end”. No matter how rich or poor, how stable or unstable, how healthy or weak, old or young, male or female, educated or not, black or white you are…nature was pitiless to affect. Nature hits you hard until you open your eyes and come back to reality. In fact, the pandemic of the COVID-19 virus is the greatest eye-opener of recent times. It is true we all undergo a difficult time right now. Nevertheless, living the pandemic has already brought out many positive results in the world. 

There were many touching stories of how people faced this situation on the news. However, there are many unshared stories of great acts and selfless sacrifices made by great people. On the other hand, there are stupid and selfish acts as well. I thought of sharing some of those great stories and mistakes both, in Lifepurview today. My objective is simply to point out what we should do, and whatnot. And, to give a helping hand to living the pandemic.

Living the pandemic

It is not simple and easy to survive when uncertainty surrounds you. This is the very reason people act weird and selfish mostly. I heard some stories that are quite unbelievable to hear even. One thing I heard in many countries is, people run away from quarantine. Some did not like to admit about their infection. I even heard of cases where people have lied to doctors even, about their history. Unfortunately, they lied even after diagnosing as Covid-19. 

Running away from quarantine happened in many ways around the world. In many European countries, citizens returning from infected areas had to isolate themselves for 2 weeks. However, people did not follow instructions 100%. In Asian countries, poverty ruled rationality. So, police had to arrest big bunches for violating curfew regulations. It is simply unbelievable to see people acting like this. On the other hand, the rigid looking policemen engaged in a rather humanitarian mission, to rescue people from themselves. People sometimes acted like kids caught red-handed with naughtiness.

In other curfew situations, we have not heard such violations, even in those countries. I heard one extreme story. The health authorities advised a young girl to isolate herself, for 2 weeks in her house. Instead, she ran away and married in another district, during the curfew. Luckily for the girl, the regionally imposed curfew did not affect the district of her lover. So she could marry there. People reacted to living the pandemic is unbelievable ways. 

With the bliss of technology

The COVID-19 is a virus that spreads by touch and droplets. It only causes severe respiratory infection. However, in some countries, people acted as if they caught a venereal disease. I have heard they acted the same in history, in the times of leprosy epidemics. Still, in the year of 2020, nothing has changed. In one way, education, civilization, technology seems to have no effects on the basic instincts of humans. On the other way, education, and technology saved many lives as well. Smart modern technology helped to track and trace the mischiefs who lied, cheated, and boycotted.

When the medical officials and administrators found out that people tend to cheat, they started using technology to recover the truth and take the right actions. Europe plans “smart quarantine” to validate the information given by persons. Many Asian countries also use the latest technologies to track and trace patients and contacts. However, in some cases, the rights humans have themselves blocked others from saving themselves. Some valued freedom of living, above saving the lives of everyone. Simply, another strange reaction in living the pandemic.

Isolation by all means

Another aspect of this pandemic is the isolation people undergo, by numerous means. Those who infected isolated in special hospitals. Special treating facilities isolated, the infected. Self-quarantine in own households isolated suspicious cases, who traveled in infected areas. Technically, isolation happened that way

However, there is another category of isolated people. This isolation happens indirectly. The pandemic safety regulations resulted in closing down all shops, restaurants, gyms, and public service facilities. Many countries maintained essential services only. There is a considerable number of persons working in the public service facilities, restaurants, gyms, service centers and so on. Most of them are daily wage receivers or casual employees. When the restaurants closed down, they simply fired their casual staff. Thus, a large number of casual employees lost their jobs. This happened all of a sudden, out of the blue. 

The worst thing was for casual employees working overseas. They lost their jobs overnight. To add to the blow, most countries banned air traveling from or to the country. On the other hand, locked native countries could not get them back. So, they isolated themselves, without a job, in a foreign country. There are numerous persons in Europe, in the USA, in Australia, facing this trauma. This is on top of their fear and anxiety about the COVID-19.  The bright side is, governments are trying to take care of such persons as much as possible. At the same time, we saw generous individuals and charity organizations also donate essentials and food for these helplessly isolated persons. 

A strange experience, living the pandemic

I also came across one noteworthy story. This is different from what I have been writing here. But it is worth sharing I think. It is the experience of one of my friends, which is related to our discussion. He is a Sri Lanka, living abroad with her family. For some family business, he had to go back to Sri Lanka for two weeks, in the first week of December 2019. At that time, there was no Covid threat. So this guy left for Sri Lanka. His wife and daughter were staying behind.

While he stayed in Sri Lanka, the daughter caught terrible flu, with a heavy sore throat and cough. Within a few hours, his wife also caught the same sickness. They fell sick on Saturday, thinking it is a winter flu, the wife tried paracetamol and warm drinks first. But the fever did not settle at all with paracetamol. It came back within a few hours. So on Sunday, they spent time in bed, being unable to get up even. But on Monday morning, the wife somehow managed to gather herself and see a doctor, with the daughter. 

A story ended with a drop of cold sweat

The doctor decided it is laryngitis (by physical examination without testing) and recommended antibiotics for both of them. The fever at that time was 40 degrees Celsius.  They took the antibiotics for 2 weeks. It settled gradually within two weeks. But the wife noticed that the sore throat did not disappear with the first few doses of antibiotics, like in previous times when they had laryngitis. Nevertheless, she did not worry, as they recovered in the end. However, she mentioned that they suffered the most terrible flu she and her daughter ever had, as far as she can remember.

After about six months, she recalled the symptoms of the terrible flu they had in the winter. Naturally, she compared them with the well-known coronavirus symptoms. They were very much similar. She could not exactly say it was the same. But they drank a lot of coriander drinks and tea with lemon and honey she said.

Sharing is Caring for living the pandemic

Despite the strict regulations and difficulties, generosity also bloomed, around the world. people from the highly affected areas continually shared their knowledge and safety measures they took. Many informative videos circulated in social media, to educate others. Alternatively, those who recovered offered state-sponsored official help in medical aid and essentials to other affected places. For instance, the recovered countries assist small Asian nations in living the pandemic. Good to see empathy in action even in the middle of chaos.

On the other hand, many countries locally made utilities like face masks, cleaning liquids, for free distribution. Many countries around the globe undertook such community projects successfully. Despite many different changing opinions, concepts, and ideologies, people around the world, in general, kept up with their moral values. Except for a few unstable individuals here and there, we are surviving the pandemic. 

The positive thinker inside me keeps saying we have passed the worst part of this. What is yet to come will be less difficult. Soon we are going to see the end of this disaster and we will be back in our normal life. Till then let’s just do what we must, and wait patiently. Every night before sleeping I dream a better tomorrow. Let us join hand in hand over the cyberspace and wish together. We can, and we will live this pandemic and move on!


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