Life is a river

Life is a river

A tiny spring hidden in the mountain ranges pops up a hand-full of fresh spring water from the underground stock of Geo water. It gathers the potential energy through accumulation within the scope of a small spring and suddenly starts to convert the potential energy to kinetic energy. This is the birth of a stream. It begins the long-enduring journey, slowly and quietly through the breeding grounds of water birds and freshwater fish. 

Now it picks up speed, grace, rhythm, and serenity in turns, in places. It grew wider and richer with each twist and turn, by adding up more water and nutrients from its surroundings. 

Subsequently, It grows into a small-sized stream. Eventually, as the journey continues different volumes of more freshwater are fed into this small stream. It gains more potential, thus more kinetics. The movement of water become much interesting and attractive now. Resembling a child who is budding up to a hyperactive kid from the toddler stage. The continuous flow of water creates softer beds underneath the stream of water. As a result, finely shaped smooth pebbles cover the bottom of the stream now. The water flowing on these layers of pebbles performs leaps and twisty dances like a mischievous child would do. 

Gradually, the journey continues making the stream into a full-fledged youthfulness. Hence, it looks lush, graceful and deep. The water brim over its banks to tickle the outgrown ferns and lavenders. So it carries the fragrant lavenders on its currents for a while and plays with the petals and pollen. It adds up joyfulness and cheers to life.

When it meets with other freshwater streams coming along to join or to cross over, willingly mix up with the different qualities and quantities of water they bring. Developing unity through diversity behaviors. Slowly but steadily, youth brings about the river, as the maturity takes over the adolescence. 

It flows over fields of gold and precious stones as well as over fields of iron and metals. Hiding all these underneath, the journey of this small stream cum river moves on forward. On the way, it collects more and more water from all surrounding streams and branches. Ultimately, more water it takes the more depths it sees the more tolerance to shocks and turbulence and more resilience to calamity. 

More depths in water and more sustained. Support and facilitate other life of various flora and fauna. Many living beings including humans depend on the river now. For food, for fun, for work, for love, and for thousands of other reasons, life rely on the river. Animals and plants live and die within her blossom and cherishing and perishing both are absorbed with equal empathy and treated the same. 

It creates floods when the weight of water is overwhelming. This causes some damage comparatively, but if it is left alone without undue intervention, it will take good care to release her floods with minimal damage to the life on banks and beyond. The interventions such as digging up its bottom to extract sand and such invasive activities would result in outrageous floods devastating the banks and beyond. The feelings and reactions of human beings would be pretty much the same or worse!

On completing a long or short journey along with varying geographies and climates the river finally makes its appearance at the sea where the journey literally ends. Finally, it falls into the sea and ends its life as a river. The sea does not have distinctions in its waster as in the water of this river and that river. Everything becomes sea there and the river keeps adding up more to the sea every second passing by. Each drop of water added to the sea become the sea and join the eternity of water. No more rivers exist there, but the water remains water. 

Eventually, this water which joined the sea will undergo the evaporation process and contribute to forming clouds up in the sky. One day these clouds may again pour out rain in the mountains which will create another little spring that gives birth to another river. 

So goes the cycle of life. Life is a river…..that flows and stops! And starting to flow again from somewhere, someday.  


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