Key to a simple, happy life

Key to a simple, happy life

They say, “Hopes make life move forward”. Do hopes really move life forward? Or is it the people who push themselves hard to make their dreams realize, who move life forward?

The latter suggestion makes more sense. In fact, there is nothing wrong with dreaming and working hard to realize your dreams. For some people, the motivation of life is to dream and realize those. The more they dream and the more the dreams are realities. Eventually, they become better dreamers and better performers in making the dreams come true. In an individual sense, this sounds perfectly harmless. You dream and you make them come true. 

However, there is an unforeseen problem here. A problem rising up from the ignorance of another person’s existence. This happens in the background of where you dream and make them come true. The other persons who include your colleagues, friends, family, peers, opponents, competitors and so on. When you dream and when your dreams become bigger, other people’s attention, attraction, and many other feelings start focusing on you. When you purely focus on your achievements.

This leads to a competitive situation, an undue competition between you and your peers gradually. You do not realize this tragedy while you are ambitious to realize dreams. The heaps of hopes, expectations, and obligations of fulfilling all these, make your environment quite tense and aggressive. In fact, the achievements and realization of bigger dreams would give you happiness. Consequently, at the same time, you will be under heavy pressure and endless labor exerted in keeping up the achievements.

If you initially enter this competitive mode of dreaming and achieving, there is hardly a turning back. So, the best-case scenario to keep yourself at peace is to identify the situation at first and keep away. But keeping yourself away without entering the competitive mode is tough as the competition is not the least visible initially. 

However, there is something you can do still, to keep your stress and tension away. You can minimize the heaps of hopes and expectations piling up around you. It is all about leading a minimalist life. Letting go of the accumulations physically and mentally, if a deeper note is given. In a simple sense, you just focus on your conduct in a given moment. To do this you need to maintain sharp attention on yourself. It also requires intense self-testing and corrective actions, at least while you train yourself to let go of the accumulations. 

The typical nature of our mind is to jump from past to future and vice versa, skipping the present.  Though the attention should remain at this moment technically, our mind hardly does it. It can pay very low attention on the present and still complete tasks successfully. Using this ability, it continues to roam uselessly and disastrously from past to future and future to the past. The result is you live in a dream all the time, skipping the reality which is this moment. It brings back a heap of bygone memories from the past. Similarly, it brings back a bunch of dreams that you haven’t achieved yet from the future. All these dumps are residing in your mind now.

So do not let your mind roam around astray. Tie it up to the present and pay attention to what you are doing at this moment. Stop worrying about the heap from the past – things already happened and there is nothing to do about them. Get rid of the future – things that have not come to you yet. You do not know whether they would come or not even. 

Pull down your floating mind down to earth and live in this moment. Gradually, all those heaps of dreams will be disappeared. You need not worry about things already happened or things yet to happen. You just accomplish what is to be done at this moment. There is always the current moment which will keep you occupied as long as you like. 

It is like lean production where you process a thought that pops up this moment and let it go. No pile of past and no pile of future around you. Nothing to hold to and nothing to clash with.  As you go on, you will realize eventually that there is no one as “You”. The “you” who do this task at this moment, is also a part of “this moment”. 

Everything including yourself, with your surroundings, is part of an ongoing process. It is a process of creation and destruction cyclically according to rules set up by accumulations in previously executed cycles. 

Fewer hopes – fewer accumulations – an end to the tension-free happy simple life – towards the end of suffering.


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