How to prevent coronavirus infection, from home?

How to prevent coronavirus infection, from home?

The fearful coronavirus

The year 2020 dawned full of hopes and new inspirations, for a new decade into the 21st century. But it also brought us a top-class warning alarm. The coronavirus infection, a new biological virus popped up. Right now, the whole world is in a battle – prevent coronavirus infection. Future hereafter is going to be more and more challenging and risky.

Towards the end of January, China faced a crisis of how to prevent coronavirus infection found in humans. It seemed to be a problem in China initially. But the spreading and the impact it made opened the eyes of the whole world. As of today, this tiny virus is almost ruling the world. All scientists are united under a new mission worldwide now. That is to find a way to prevent coronavirus infection, once and for all. 

There are so many sources of information you can read on the distribution, statistics, maps, and updates on the coronavirus infection. The world health organization has declared a worldwide epidemic situation as well. So if by any chance, you get infected, there is good care and services in clinically available for you, to survive. However, it is worth knowing what you can do to prevent coronavirus infection, from home.

Things you can do to prevent from coronavirus

In fact, luckily there are plenty of things we can do in preventing as well. The first thing is not to be afraid of the disease. As Lifepurview always talks about, preventing coronavirus infection individually, also involves your mind. Feelings like suspense, anxiety and fluttering nature of your mind make your body unstable and weak. In a rather biological note, these negative feelings make our body generate certain hormones in unwanted levels. For example, too much stress hormone volumes in your blood are not good in a moment like this. 

To prevent the virus from infecting your body, you must have good fighting mechanisms ready at hand. The fighting mechanism in your body is your immune system. So the best thing you can do is strengthen your immunity system. And how can you do that? Fortunately, there are many simple ways to do this. I already started explaining above. It is related to the stress hormones. 

Through your thoughts…

The presence of stress hormones in your blood can change the reactions of your immunity system, for example, when it should create more defense agents, stress hormones can reduce the efficiency of producing these agents. Hence, you should take this seriously and try to minimize the levels of stress hormones in your blood. However, when hearing the coronavirus updates and current affairs news, they will naturally go up. So it is important you are aware of it, and try to control your feelings. There are relaxation techniques that you can use to get rid of your negative feelings. Thus you can control your stress levels.

worrying and thinking too much will anyway bring more trouble to you, and to others close to you as well. So this is the time to stop thinking. Pause your mind and focus it to watch and observe your surroundings. There is more to do by watching and listening, acting promptly, than worrying.

Through your food…

Here is the other way you can support your immune system. It is through food. Yes, there are food and drinks which strengthen your immunity system. Most of these are herbs and spices. You can easily buy these from any Asian spice shops, and some of them in supermarkets. The top spices and food items include,

  • Coriander seeds
  • Turmeric
  • Asian curry leaves
  • Garlic

You can use coriander also, as a tea-like drink, with garlic and ginger added to it. This is how you can make the drink. Roast the coriander seeds in a pot. About three-tablespoons of coriander seed enough for a person. When the seeds turn into a brown color, add about 2 cups of water. Add 2 sliced cloves of garlic and few slices of ginger also. Close the lid and boil the mixture. Drink it hot. It is good to eat the added pieces of ginger and garlic too.

Alternatively, you can add garlic, ginger, turmeric, and Asian curry leaves to your soup and stews. On the other hand, you can add these to any vegetable-based or meat-based dishes in cooking. In addition to enhancing immunity, you can enjoy a delicious meal with a rich aroma too. These spices increase your appetite as well. In addition, there is a spice mix called “curry powder”. This is a mix of above spices, which you can use in cooking. If you are used to spicy food, this will tingle your taste buds, surely.

Also, there is a south Asian herb that strengthens immunity. It is also available in the Indian spice shops. The scientific name of this herb is Coscinum Fenestratum. In common language known as False Columba, Tree Turmeric, and Colombo weed. It is a hard woody substance. It is available in the market as small pieces of wood. You can boil this herb and drink it like tea. I, however, note that this drink tastes absolutely bitter.

Through your habits…

In addition to this, there are some hygienic habits that you can adapt to. Some of these are general practices in the eastern countries from their culture. However, modern research also has validated those, as helping to fight with these viruses. Research reveals that virus growth is prominent on the lower parts of your nose, where the temperature is lower than other parts of the body. So keeping this area warm, avoids virus growth to a certain extent. Inhaling warm air through your nostrils can help to increase the temperature. There are some techniques you can use for this.

One such practice is to apply steam. In eastern countries, this is done in 2 ways.

  • Burn some coconut shell or charcoal on a metal tray and add the extracts of antiseptic herbs, as powders into the red hot charcoal. Then let the smoke spread around the house so that everyone inhales the smoke. However, there can be practical problems in practicing this in modern apartments. (In case you have smoke detectors, allergies, etc). In which case, you can do the next method.
  • Boil water, with some citrus leaves. You can use lemon, lime, grapefruit or even orange leaves. In a closed room, apply the steam of this mixture. Taking care not to burn your face, you can inhale the citrus steam.
  • Any other method you can think of to keep your nose and face warmer would also help.

I must emphasize here, that these are NOT treatments to the coronavirus infection. But just preventive care practices you can do to strengthen your body. If you have the symptoms, the best thing to do is to see a doctor.

And finally to combat coronavirus

These are some of the things you can do to take care of yourself. However, while taking good care of yourself, it is great if you can take care of others as well. This situation is a misfortune that fell on the entire human race on earth. Not just one country, or community. So overcoming this includes extreme unity between each and every human being. If all of us stand up hand in hand, we can definitely build a strong force against this tiny virus. 

Spread your thought of loving-kindness in all directions, towards all human beings suffering. Be sympathetic and empathetic. Be strong to drive away fear and anxiety hitting you with selfish thoughts. 

Please share any other home prevention techniques or information you know, in the comments section. Let’s do our best to help our fellow humans in suffering. Let’s save the rest of us from suffering.

Lifepurview wishes all of you around the world, strength, courage, and faith to stand calm and steady in this difficult situation. 

Take care of yourself, and everyone you can!


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