Goodness to go

Goodness to go

In all day in day out activities nowadays, our main focus is to make ourselves happy. If you are asked for your motivation for charity, what is your answer? The most common answer is “Because charity is something that makes me happy”. You help others, not to make them happy, but to make you happy.  

We have become such eccentric creatures that we simply do nothing to make others better or happy. Not only that, we do not stop to see how the other person feels even. 

This nature of our mind is what bonds us hard to the attachments we hold tight to us. The mind makes sure that its main focus is the “Self” and not the actions. It is good to think about “Self” and take care of yourself, stop worrying about other things in the world. But the borderline of being eccentric and selfless should be clearly demarcated within doing so. 


When you do charity work, just forget about making you happy. Let the person who receives the help or assistance be the center point.  Let the focus be on the needy person’s needs and problems. Happiness will eventually find a way for you.

For instance, suppose you think of giving away some of your things for a needy person. The idea of yourself giving away your things itself is enough for you to be happy. You should not be looking for more ways to make you happy. Instead, you should think of “How can I make this person happy the most”. What type of things would make him/her much happier? It is great if you can give away something you are very much attached to. As it is a great way to test whether who do you want to make happy most.

What usually happens is that we give away the belongings and things we have used up more than enough. Old clothes, used bags and shoes, costumes and accessories and so on we give away wholeheartedly. But how would you feel about giving away your favorite handbag? Or your lucky charm shoes, your favorite necklace? Or your car, your iPod or the favorite music device, to someone who has not even seen such stuff? It needs to be thought more, not readily agreeable as to give away used clothes and accessories. Is it or Is it not?

The value of getting detached from your eccentric self and your possessive heap of belongings is simply priceless. On the other hand, you are definitely not taking anything when you leave this world. But the issue is none of these comes to our mind before we give something of value. Hence, it is commendable to give them away while you like them. It is, in fact, useless to give them away when you want to get rid of them. Because what we should get rid of, is not physical objects. It is the deep-down attachment we have for those material things. 

Just try giving away one of your favorite belongings and check your mind. You will be devastated in the first instance. But later on, feel the relaxation of getting rid of your attachment in a way you have never felt before. 

Give a handful of goodness to the world. Then wipe your hands empty and forget all about it.


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