Gift of Life

Gift of Life

The last days of winter. Slowly and silently, Spring is popping up from the little openings of snow sheath on the ground. Lush greenery sneaking out to meet the warmth of the sun. All of the frozen streams melting up in silvery glow and starting to flow along the avenues of hills and rocks. Interestingly, the struggle of life to come back again is all around. One of them is using the gift of life in his struggle.

The deadwood in the forests is picking up their life again. And the shrubs and trees blossom into blooms of lovely flowers. Color is springing up among the shades of grey of a harsh winter. Thus, life is fighting to regain the vigor and glamour it lost in the snow. However, one living being enjoys beauty as they possess the gift of life.

In fact, it is not an easy battle. Throughout the long winter, it was tough survival for all living beings. Most of the animals hibernated. Some migrated to warmer regions.  Earlier, the trees shed leaves and shifted to energy-saving mode. Some trees had thick wax coating in them, so they managed to keep the waxy leaves. Different beings employed different strategies to survive. But only one has the gift of life.

And humans…. how did they survive? It was not so tough for humans.  Because they have the gift of life with them. It creates this remarkable power in them. It is called “Reasoning”. Reasoning power gives them an awesome ability to adjust and cope up with the world. They can adjust to their environment more successfully than other animals. Alternatively, they are able to make use of the environment to fulfill their needs. Their reasoning power plays the trick here. So, humans are better off with it. And that is the gift of life they have, none of the other animals do.

However, the way humans use their reasoning power is shameful in most cases. They use it in a rather selfish manner. Reasoning power is a precious gift humans got. They can use it to create harmony with all living beings. They can create a world where all life can safely live and sustain. But they never seem to realize it. They just use their reasoning to assure their safety only. Human forgets the mutual relationship among living beings. It is really pathetic to see, because humans, with their wonderful reasoning power, can safeguard the long-lasting existence of other types of life. Thus, they cause the most dangerous damage by acting without reasoning. 

Gift of Life

Apparently, animals and other living beings show reason which they do not possess. The animals just eat their food in volumes they can eat only. The rest is left for other animals. Sadly, the human who see a food crisis coming up, still keep on piling up food in extensive volumes. Animals do not spoil the water they drink. But the intelligent human poison their own water sources. Animals do not kill their own race or other animals, just or fun. But humans, use their reasoning power to discover methods to kill each other. 

The gift of reasoning has become a knife in a monkey’s hand. He uses it in the planning and carrying out of destruction and misery. The wisdom he could have easily gained with his reasoning is buried in his ignorance. Foolishness has come over intelligence. Human is moving rapidly towards irreversible disaster. His reasoning power in harmony with his greed is driving him towards the destruction. 

The situation looks terrible and no turning back from it. However, the only being who can save from this disaster is also human. The only thing he has to do is to use his gift. The gift of life – reasoning power. Still, there is time to clear up the mess humans made. We have a gift in us, which can save our world. We have the key to secure the world for many future generations of life to cherish. 

Reason out the reason to invoke wisdom. Save yourself. Save the world. Let the gift of life shine bright.


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