Finding eternal peace

Finding eternal peace

Finding eternal peace is a zest human had from the early days of evolution. Ever since the humans developed a sense of spiritualism in their mind, the quest for finding eternal peace was utmost in him. It was on and off, depending on time and other challenges of life. But whenever the mind is set free of worldly interests, he took up this never-ending search of finding eternal peace. 

The search for finding eternal peace became more intense with the advancement of the human race. As they explore more territories and gather more material possessions. In other words, the more he moved away from the initial simple lifestyle the more intensity created in finding eternal peace. 

Some of the men saw the futility in the glory of winning and the misery of losing after many wars. They realized the emptiness of material gains and losses. Then they understood the impermanence of happiness and sadness given by these glory, misery, gains, and losses. They faced the ecstatic praises of glory and the bitter insults of loss. Ultimately they figured out the insecurity of chasing after all these worldly obsessions. Subsequently, the quest diverted from searching the obsessions, into finding eternal peace.

As of today, we have moved a long way along the path of finding eternal peace. Many great men over history have discovered and preached their contribution to eternal peace. Lord Buddha preached one of the most interesting methodologies for finding eternal peace nearly twenty-five centuries ago. This methodology is very simple and practical. Hence it looks ideal for the highly volatile and dynamic world we live in today.

Lord Buddha, the enlightened one said that a critical way to lose eternal peace simply by chasing after the “eight worldly conditions”. He defined Gain – Loss, Joy – Grief, Fame – Defame, Praise – Insult as the eight worldly conditions. It is naive human behavior to over-respond to these conditions. In fact, life is more or less encountering these conditions in turns. How we tackle these conditions attribute to eternal peace. So taught Lord Buddha, the enlightened one.

If we let them influence us to shake us unduly, we lose our eternal peace. The amount of loss is proportionate to the amount we shook ourselves. In a simpler note, when we let our mind escalate into extreme heights of glory, gain, joy, and praise we lose the path. On the other hand, when we surrender our mind into the rock bottom of defeat, loss, grief, and insult we lose the path of eternal peace again. 

So the key is in maintaining consistent balance over these eight worldly conditions. We must develop the regulatory skills optimally. It is vital to check ourselves frequently. To make sure whether we maintain the optimal balance. And it is just gliding off when the skill is mature to pick up the right balance.

Then we realize the eternal peace we sought in the world outside, was never there. It is in us and we never searched it within us.

Take control of finding eternal peace now! It is in you and you can find it!

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