Be content

Be content

In the olden days, not centuries ago, but less than two decades back, the lifestyle of people and their attitudes towards fulfilling the basic needs were comparatively simple and straightforward than it is in the present. There were fewer retail stores, fewer supermarkets, and fewer products. The diversification of products has grown into unbelievably higher grounds in a relatively short time so that the time to decide which product to buy exceeds the time to make the purchase. 

The tragic part is not that. With the excessive availability of consumables has made the people lose the value of products they consume. You rarely appreciate the quality of a product. The option of criticizing the current brand and switching to the next brand is always there. So, you do not need to 

 Every consumable is becoming an impulse purchase rapidly. We do not bother to think about whether all the things we buy are to satisfy our basic needs. There are always the latest arrivals, the ice cream flavor we could not try yet, the larger economic pack of washing liquid which looks cheaper, the buy one and get one free juice cartons, all these are kept on dumping in the huge shopping cart as we move along the aisle.

When you come over the check out counter to settle the bills for your shopping, you find out the cash in your purse is not enough. But these consumer-oriented nice banks know us inside out. They have offered us the shopping cards which pay all our impulse buying and planned to buy without complaints. So, it is just a swiping off a plastic card and you grab the heap of shopping in affection and go home. 

Now you are home you face the problem of lacking space to store this heap of consumables in your cupboards. But it is not a big issue as it was some time back. You have developed yourself into a successful compact packing person, you manage to pile up the consumables somehow. Since you were a victim of impulse buying all the time, you obviously do not have a proper plan on how you should be consuming the products you bought. Therefore, some of the products are always prone to expire without your knowledge and some prone to perish. 

The waste happening in ignorance is unacceptable. It is a different matter that you are capable of buying all these products. Wasting consumable products in complete ignorance is another matter. It is good to plan your life with the facilities available with the advancement of the world. But it should not by any means be a reason to waste resources and time. Above all losing your consciousness on what you do is the most dangerous phenomenon here. 

Just think of your wardrobe and how many untouched dresses you have there even with the price tags unremoved, at this moment. But what do you do when you see a new trendy dress displayed in a clothing store? Do you listen to your consciousness to recall the plight of your wardrobe, or simply sneak inside that store? These are wastages that simply slip off your fingers in ignorance. 

You can follow the fashions and trends you like and look attractive and up to date with the modern world. But be in your right mind and consciousness. Be mindful. Be content.   


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