Assuring security to life

Assuring security to life

We live in an age where the security of everything is a high priority. Security of assets, countries, children, information, and so on. On top of it, we try to secure human beings as well. But only in a life-saving sense. Have you thought of assuring security to life?

It is worth attempting to securing ourselves, from dangers and trouble. Because a safe spiritual self resides in a secure physical self only. However, we can put the spiritual security in a more technical point of view. Following exactly the way we secure information. So, let’s try to figure out about assuring security to life.

In information security, we talk about three pillars of security. They are availability, confidentiality, and integrity. In a way, these are original human characteristics. We have transferred them to lifeless objects and seeking them back again in humans. Obviously our inner selves still preserve these at least in tiny bits

How can we apply availability to spirituality? Think about yourself. How much would you be available for others? How much kindness, generosity, empathy can you give in? And importantly, for how long? These things describe your availability. Are you a person with a kind, generous, empathetic pursuit for anyone? Then you are an available person for anyone, any time. 

Then comes confidentiality. Confidentiality is knowing what you should know, and not trying to know what you should not. On the opposite, reveal what you must share, and keep the rest yourself. So, keeping up with these rules makes you a confidential person. You can assess yourself and measure your confidentiality.

However, you can carry out spiritual confidentiality as follows. Knowing what you may know and, not searching for things that do not concern you. Searching deeper into your mistakes and not poking into others’ mistakes. On the other hand, sharing only what you must share, highlights you as an honest person. That makes your spiritual self much safer. Alternatively, keeping more on your side makes your conscience clear.

The last, but not the least, is integrity. Integrity is saying what you do, doing what you say. To maintain integrity, you must say what you do, honestly. Hence, your actions should be moral. When you act according to your conscience, you fulfill one side of integrity. That is you say what you do. On the other hand, believe in virtue and show it in action. That makes you a role model in the world. A precious gift to the world.

And this is what you gain in return. A gifted person dedicated to help and assist others. A trusted person above and beyond conditions. A strong reliable human being. You are a secure person with a pure self. A free being that does not hold anything heavy to carry. Be a secure person and secure others. Be quick to make sure. He who makes haste wins in the end.


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