A true experience

A true experience

As we move on through our busy schedules in life, some times we happen to go through tough, times. This particular incident happened when we lived abroad. I happened to pass such a difficult time for the last two weeks. My work was tough and had to work extensively, which made it tough to handle the household chores as well. The day with 24 hours seems not enough to manage all that I had to do.

On top of that updates about certain activities and events, I have been expecting brought bad news and results. I have faced such times enough times earlier, but this time it felt different. Because I took great care not to deprive my sleep and to trade off my religious observances at any cost. Neither did I complain about being busy and having difficulties both physically and mentally to cope up. I just kept silent and I should say a bit more introvert than usual. 

I gave up my short leisure even and took no breaks during the hours I kept awake. It was simple to shift from one task to another, throughout the time I kept awake.

I was in total exhaustion but did not have any time to think about it and worry or to rest. So just dragged it all along without letting any thoughts disturb my conduct. There were times that I felt I am becoming a workaholic. I was feeling low apatite, dizzy, vomiting, faintish and all signs of stress and fatigue. I might have a look of a zombie or some hideous creature, as I felt. But I was not bothered by my looks or anything else for that matter. 

I did not stop to care about any of those. I just kept on shifting from one to the other of what I must do. However, I could keep a high concentration on the current task I engaged in. Probably because if I kept all negativity aside and try to live in the moment. Therefore I kept my focus purely on the task I am performing intentionally. Initially, I had to force stop my thought from straying around. But I got away easily with the help of work to keep me busy.

In the middle of all this hassle, I met a lady whom I sometimes associate with, from my daughter’s kindergarten. We meet quite regularly when we drop and pick our kids. She helped me a couple of times to pass messages to school back and forth.

When we met on this particular day she spoke with me as usual and we said bye to each other. Afterward at home, I suddenly reminded myself that I wanted to clarify some information about the kindergarten and I forgot. So I texted her asking my question. She answered it right away. I was about to say Thank You and move back to my strict schedule of work. My phone buzzed again. It was another message from this lady. It said, “You are great“. I was completely taken aback. I could not help replying to her asking “Why did you say like that“. That started a long thread of texts which I can summarize to the following description.

She said “I really admire you for being this pleasant, smiling person. You are in a strange exotic country. The language, culture, people, environment, and lifestyle is completely different from what you are used to. You are doing great and it is wonderful“. 

Reading this I realized something very vital. 

No matter how hard you feel within your heart, other people in the world do not see them or know. If you manage to keep smiling throughout, the world sees a happy you no matter what you really feel inside. The mind plays games that are very tricky on you, that you feel awful inside while remaining an awesome outlook. 

Just take control of your mind and do not let your thoughts go astray. Keep attention concentrated and focused on the present moment, in work and in leisure. Let go of the feelings and pay attention to keep your mind as clean as your desk.

So you can give smiles to the world in the rain or in sunshine


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